1. Keep your apparatus,table and note-book neat and clean.
2. Add reagents in proportionate amounts.This is the key to success.
3. Keep the reagents stopperd,do not change the stoppers of the bottles and also do not disturb the arrangement of the self.Keep the reagents at their proper place.
4. Do not shift the bottles from thecommon shelf.
5. Do not throw broken glass pieces,match sticks,filter paper etc in the sink.Throw them in the waste box kept for the purpose.
6. Shake the test tube s while heating.Do not throw hot and concentrated acids specially concentrated sulphuric acid.
7. Pass Hydrogen sulphide gas slowly in the solution.It is a very poisonous gas,do not leave the gas stopper open.
8. Keep perfect silence in the laboratory.It is essential for concentration and successful scientific working.
9. Do not enter the lab without white overalls(Lab coats).